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Bosch Tarot deck review: medieval insights

The opening of a window into the unconscious fears of the human being through the dreamlinke and disturbing symbolism of the great Flemish painter.

You might say Bosch style is old and creepy. Well, you would be right and this is what I love about it! … although I would say “medieval” instead of “old”.

The Bosch Tarot deck is the perfect mix between legibility and mystery, fear and entertainment.
It brings the tarot cards meaning to a whole new level: it will read your soul and guts out.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Bosch illustration and tarots: a match made in heaven

Atan Atanassov seems to have channeled the spirit of Bosch himself drawing these tarots. Some images are directly taken from his paintings, others are inspired by them and even these ones won’t disappoint you at all.

For those of you who don’t know the Flemish painter, here are some characteristics of his style:

  • Weird
  • As
  • Fuck

I just don’t think I need to add pretty art-critiqueish words to the photos of these tarot cards: they really speak for themselves (see below).

What can Bosch add to a tarot reading?
This is a style that goes deep, it hits you with intuitions right in the face, even the ones you wouldn’t like to know. The medieval lines evoke an old time when images were meant to represent mystical and spiritual concepts. They were made to touch your emotions and intuitions: that’s why this tarot deck won’t leave you indifferent.

Want to see some of the cards?

I’ll show you as an example three of the cards that I think are the most representative of the deck.

10 of Pentacles

What an unusual figure, am I right? Expect this and more from the Bosch Tarot deck. I think this images speaks for itself, but here’s the white book’s description: ‘avarice; when the treasure casket is full there will not be much space left for what could yet be to come‘. Makes sense.

Knight of Swords

A frightened boy riding a griffin. He holds the sword because they told him to, but he’s still sweet as the strawberry he’s wearing as a hat. The animal is unsure too: it’s not charging, not running, with a hand around his tail that clearly express fear.
The description is: ‘The frightened one. A sword cannot transform a baker into a warrior‘.

The lover

The companion book says ‘You are not sufficient when you are alone. Opposites must meet so as to generate something new. Purity‘.
I love this illustration, it inspires me many different things: the woman is pale, stiff, almost as a cadaver. The man, instead, is clearly alive. Is he taking care of her to make her alive and fertile again? Is he morbidly fixated with something/someone that doesn’t exist anymore? I have a lot of more questions about every detail of the drawing. What does it inspire you?

Bosch Tarot characteristic reading

The companion book of this tarot deck is really insightful as the deck itself and its recommended spread is interesting. It’s called ‘The Shadow’ and its aim is to ‘foresee the hidden consequences of an attitude‘. A reading to discover the unconscious. I suggest you give it a try!

The Shadow

Is it worth it?

This deck is not for everyone, you love it or you hate it. Let’s see what you could like or dislike about it:


  • If you understand a symbolic, hermetic and medieval language, this deck can speak to you in a very easy and fascinating way
  • Everybody loves weird illustrations. You have to decide if you can divinate with them or only surprise yourself once
  • Dear medieval ones, after seeing the cards, I don’t have to talk to you anymore into loving them, am I right?


  • The figures are not traditional at all, so beware beginners!
  • You love this style or you hate it, because of its oddness

Want to know what this deck has to say about your questions?

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