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Botticelli Tarot deck review: the grace and the mud

The meeting

I was enchanted by this deck from the first moment I saw it on the shelves of the bookstore, but I only recently felt ready to welcome it in my path. I felt I had to find the symbols of a new deck, the need to embrace a new point of view. That’s when I let myself be attracted by the seductive reflections of its gold.

The graphics

The images in this deck will stun you with their beauty and the splendor of the golden decorations. The name at the center of attention is Botticelli, but we must remember the one of Atanas Alexandrov Atanassov, who illustrated these images and also those of the Bosch tarot deck. His work imitates with accuracy the particular physiognomy of the characters, their timeless beauty veiled by melancholy but also the frankness of their defects. It is through this idyllic beauty and the earthly ugliness that the deck finds the language to talk to you.

Here you can see three cards of the deck, that I find gorgeous:

  • Strength
    Energy. Control, courage. Intelligence triumphing over brutality. Ups.: Impulsiveness. Rashness.
  • Knight of Chalices
    Man or woman who brings advantageous offers or good news. Ups.: Reliable but deceitful person.
  • 4 of Pentacles
    Saving. Thrift in every sense. Spirit of preservation. Ups.: Avidity. Selfishness. Self-centeredness

The reading experience

During the interview with the deck, the cards warned me that it needs study to read the Botticelli Tarot properly. That’s what I did. As I expected and wanted, several of the cards differed from Rider-Waite’s images, forcing me to strive to remember the canonical meaning and at the same time learn a completely new one.

The cards told me they look with detachment at the questions, in order to offer an impartial perspective on problems that touch us too closely.

The Star of Solomon spread

Here is the spread recommended by the book:



  • The breathtaking illustrations
  • The back of the card is very elegant
  • On the companion book you can find the meanings of the reversed cards too


  • Many of the Court cards are too similar to each other
  • The glare of the gold plating can be annoying for your eyes during the reading
  • The ugly child from the 4 of Wands:


Charmed by Botticelli tarot deck?

You can buy this tarot deck online: check out Botticelli tarot deck on Amazon
You can also ask a free question to this deck here: choose “Botticelli tarot” as the deck to use for the reading.

What is the favorite of our reviewed decks so far? 

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