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Crystal Tarot deck review: when the truth burns

How I met my Crystal Tarot deck

Ok, for me it’s really hard to be impartial about this deck: I love it as much as he hates me.

That day Morgan and I had left with the mission to buy our decks. We were excited and ecstatic in front of the tarot shelf. After a long thought, I was captured by the Crystal Tarot Deck, from the Scarabeo Publishing House.
At home, I decided to start with a deck interview. Since then the deck has done nothing but insult me and it never stopped.

We call it the ‘sassy bitchy deck’, for its blunt and burning answers, and we consult it whenever we want to have a laugh or know things we don’t want to hear.

The graphics

These kaleidoscopic cards are illustrated by Elisabetta Trevisan, an artist you should really be interested in. The illustrations are inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt and they have all of his decorative flair. Each of the arcana and court cards is a marvelous stained-glass window, an opening to the world of deep emotions. 

Here you can see three cards of the deck, accompanied by the interpretation of their companion book.

  • 2 of Cups – passion – Letting oneself go in the moment.
  • Knave of Swords – researcher – He who confronts and analyzes that which life offers.
  • The magician – Will – he is how much man decides his fate and at the same time a motive and instrument for transcending one’s own state

The reading experience

The readings of this deck are oriented towards self-discovery, focusing more on the current moment than on future possibilities. This deck can be a valuable research tool, but the answers you receive are not always the ones you would like to hear.

Spread suggested by the book:

The Mirror

The Crystal Tarot Deck Pros and Cons


  • The illustrations are poetically wonderful
  • Their beauty makes less bitter the moment in which the deck calls you out on your bullshit


  • The suit cards are not illustrated, so they can be hard to read for a beginner
  • I don’t appreciate the white edges of the cards as they crop the images

Do you want a taste of this deck’s sassiness?


How much does it cost and where to buy it? check it out on Amazon!

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