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Original spreads

A spread for new beginnings

Hi and welcome to the first Tarot & Tonic post!

We are Faust and Morgan, two Italian novice tarot readers. This little blog is our notebook: here we will gather our ideas, thoughts and considerations on our journey. You’ll see deck reviews, original spreads or spread inspired by other creators, photos and a lot of other stuff.
We chose ‘Tarot & Tonic’ as a title because our approach is sparkling and… we actually like to drink while reading tarot cards.

We invite you to join us by giving you as aperitif a taste of what we’ll do: a spread for new projects, created by us to help face our new challenge!
It’s time to do something new in your life, isn’t it? But you are so damn moody and you don’t want to mess things up (again), right?
We know what questions are on your mind: we’re asking ourselves the same ones. So let’s ask the Tarot!

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