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The Bitch Tarot Spread: for when you’re out of control

You honestly don’t know why you are crossing people and your cruelty lies in your naivety? Or maybe you are a bad person (and you’re proud of this, I know), but you need someone impartial to tell you if you are exaggerating.

Gather, assholes all over the world, for we have the spread you need!

The Bitch Tarot spread explained

Here is the promised treatment: the bitch tarot spread!
Below you will find in-depth information about the questions of the spread and examples of its use on myself.

1. What kind of a bitch am I?

This card will help you identify who you are and how you behave with others.

2. Why am I such a bitch?

This card will help you understand the nature and origins of your shitty behavior.

3. How does this affect others?

This card focuses on the effect you have on people around you that are forced to suffer your spicy personality.

4. How can I stop being a bitch?

This card gives you clues to self-improvement. Follow them and improve yourself or ignore them as the asshole you are.

Let’s give it a try

I chose Morgan to receive an impartial reading with this spread. Will her cards be kind to me?

I always knew Faust is kind of an asshole, but exactly what kind is he?

Let’s see the Bitch Tarot reading for a male querient: the Asshole Tarot spread. For this, I’m using the Visconti Tarot deck, my righteous and wise companion.

  1. What kind of an asshole Faust is?

10 of Swords reversed
He’s an asshole, we know it, but a fair one. His harsh words don’t lack balance: he may be wicked, but he says some truth about the people he’s insulting. Someone may appreciate it.

2. Why is he such an asshole?

The Chariot reversed
Because he’s frustrated and trapped in his inability to progress and find satisfaction in life.
The classic ‘you need to get laid, bro!’.

3. How does this affect others?

3 of Pentacles reversed
The first card suggested that his assholeness could help someone, but this one warns him about the damages he can cause. If the person he’s being an asshole with is not ready to hear or process the harsh truth, they may close themselves off and lose self-esteem. Great result, Faust!

4. How can Faust stop being an asshole?

The Moon reversed
The way to do it is extremely easy, like to just stop saying such things! Very practical, very secure, really doable. This is if he wants it, of course. Will he do it?

What about you?

You can use this spread for yourself, but don’t forget the fun part: you can try it on your querient to rub in their face their shitty behavior, masked as a self-improvement reading.

So, what kind of a bitch are you?

Comment with the answer your cards gave you or ask one of our decks here. The answer could be published on our Instagram Stories (@tarotandtonic) and on the reading archive!

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