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The Book Lover Tarot spread

Dear bibliomaniac,
I know what happened: you fell in love with another cover and the compulsive book-buyer within you kicked in. So many books, you don’t even know where to start! I feel you.

So, how to make sure to choose the one that’s best for you first?
This is where tarotandtonic comes in: use the Book Lover Tarot Spread to figure it out!


1. What kind of book should I read?

What’s best for you? it’s time to dust off the wisdom of an old author or try and trust a new writer? This card offers you numerous signs to find out what are the characteristics of the perfect book for you.

2 How will I benefit from it?

A book can change a life, can amuse, inspire or heal. What inner changes will the reading of this book bring you? It could help you get through a bad time or make you discover something new about yourself… What do the cards think?

3. What is the plot about?

Here you will receive an important clue about the content or genre of the book. What does it talk about? is it a chivalrous tale, a drama, a humorous story, the dilemma of a choice?


A book for triumphs: my Book Lover tarot reading

I’m about to finish a book (sigh!) and Morgan was kind enough to divine the next candidate:


– What kind of book should I read?

Queen of Wands reversed: an unusual and intellectual book, not a popular one.

– How will I benefit from it?

5 of Pentacles reversed: it will help me deal with my depression.

– What is the plot about?

The Chariot: the book I’m going to read talks about triumphs.

In light of Morgan’s tarot reading, I think the book I’m going to read will be Milton’s ‘Paradise regained’.


What is the best book for you right now?

Share with us what your next book is and what advices the cards gave you! we’re two curious book-lover, let’s talk about it!

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