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The Cat Tarot spread

There is a psycho who lives in your home who treats you like a slave, destroys your things and tortures you by taking your sleep away. You don’t want to call the police because you love him … but you don’t even know if he feels the same!

So, after have rescued you from a shameful day with the hangover spread, Tarot&Tonic helps you with a spread for who’s wondering how to enter the impenetrable mind of their cat!


1. What does my cat think of me?

Does it only see you as a food dispenser or are you something more? This card will give you an overview of the opinion your cat has of you.

2. Why does my cat have this opinion of me?

Does it depend on how you behave or maybe it’s just your cat’s personality?

3. How can I avoid annoying my cat?
Do you approach it in the wrong way? Let this card advise you on how not to worsen your relationships with the little psycho.

4. How can I win my cat’s love?

Is there anything you can do to improve your relationship? Read this card carefully to find the way to the heart of that little furniture killer.


Lilith (aka Miciosky) the cat and Bastet


  • What does Miciosky think of Bastet?

8 of Wands
Lilith thinks that her owner is a passionate and impulsive person, who tends to act on the moment instead of waiting for situations to develop.

  • Why does she have this opinion of her?

2 of Swords reversed
Lilith has this idea of Bastet because she never saw her stuck in an impasse. Acting is her only way.

  • How can Bastet avoid annoying Miciosky?

6 of Cups
She must not make this kitty feel in lack of attentions: Lilith really needs to play to feel at home.

  • How can she win her cat’s love?

The Pope
The way to reach Lilith’s heart is to be the reliable person that she needs.


Are you and your cat a perfect match?

Despite the title, you can use this spread on any animal: cats, dogs, snakes or your boss.

Comment here or on Instagram and let us know how your reading went!

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