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The Coming-out tarot spread

Are you tired of feeling the ‘monster in the closet’ and want to come out, but without scaring anyone?
This spread is what you need to make mother monster proud of you when you will say “I was born this way”.



1. What does this person think of queer people?
this card will reveal to you how this person perceives and faces diversity.

2. How will they react to my coming-out?
Attention, this card may differ from the answer to the first question, offering you some surprises. For example, the person may be ill disposed towards queer people, but accept you because you are you. Or vice versa!

3. How can I make them understand me?
What is the way to this person’s heart? How can you help them love you for the person you are, even when it seems unlikely? Look closely at this card, be empathetic and give this person the opportunity to be the same with you.

4. What is the right situation to tell them?
Not all moments are good. Sometimes it is right to be carried away by a moment of courage, other times it is better to study the battlefield carefully.

The Coming-out tarot spread: Morgan

Among other weird stuff, I am bisexual. I’m don’t have any kind of issue coming-out, except for coming out to my parents. Er… I haven’t done it yet and I’m very hesitant in thinking of doing it!

So, how my mother would react, my dear Bosch tarot deck?


1. What does my mother think of queer people?
I drew the Tower… Oh, boy. I’ve never been able to understand what she REALLY thinks about them. So, catastrophes incoming. It would change the way she looks at me. I think I have to ask myself if that’s worth it. People say honesty is always the right way, though.

2. How will she react to my coming-out?
2 of Cups. There may be conflicts at first, as the Tower says, but they would solve in an improved relationship with my mother. A new complicity. After all, she always said to me to want to get to know me for real.

3. How can I make her understand me?
King of Cups. I have to be patient and not too emotional about it. Well, it seems a really good piece of advice.

4. What is the right situation to tell her?
8 of Cups. Cups everywhere! There’s no right situation to do it. It would be a bit of an earthquake anyway, but the time has come.

This is encouraging. In the next family reunion, I’ll really consider doing it! It seems the right way to do.

What about you?

Ask your tarot cards for advice on how to tackle this moment in your life and share with us its answers! Whether it is the first time or the thousandth, this spread doesn’t get old.

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