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The Drag Queen Name tarot spread

Here we are with another unconventional spread. Remember the Bitch tarot spread? well, here’s a new one for you!

You are a new Drag Queen and you haven’t chosen your name yet?
Welcome, your majesty, this article will not teach you how to put lipstick on, but it will help your beautiful lips not to be embarrassed when people ask you ‘who are you?‘.

Answer them, but not before reading the cards!


How does it work?

You have to draw three cards:
1. The first one indicates your title: if you draw a Suit card, your title is “Miss”; with a Court card, it’s “Lady”; with a major arcana, “Queen”
2. With the second card, you add an adjective or an object to your name. You just need to feel what the card inspire you, looking at it or exploring it in its details.
3. The third card reveals a subject or another object you can use to complete your drag queen name. It could be the character or something used by them, follow the inspiration!


I tried this spread myself with my After Tarot deck. Here is my result:


7 of Pentacles = Miss

The Strenght = strong

Page of Cups = fish

A queen is born: Miss StrongFish!

Did you know that in the drag scene the word “fish” means a very feminine drag?
This spread allows you to create elegant, dramatic and even funny names. Try to find a word pun inside the cards, it’s easy!


Try to discover your name using different decks, the results can be very different!

You can also use this spread as a party tarot game to predict playfully the drag name of your friends.

Now, who are you?
Write us in the comments your new name as a drag queen and don’t forget to follow us on social networks!


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