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The Hangover tarot spread

I know, it begins with one drink and it ends with you waking up hugging a black latex unicorn (wtf).

While you wait for the world to worsen your migraine with the humiliating echos of your deeds, you can ask your tarot cards to help you remember something on your own.

The hangover spread is for those who want to go deep… ‘till the bottom of the bottle!


1. This card takes the responsibility to answer your most urgent question: what have you done, you lunatic? focus on what the cards want to tell you. Spoiler alert: it probably is a telling-off.

2. Is there any behavior you should regret? let the memories flow out… the rest better stay inside, you already blessed the leather interior of your friend’s car, no need for a rerun.

3. If you have any doubts about it, this card will honestly tell you if it was worth it. Maybe you only needed to chill or color outside the lines. Or maybe you’re just justifying a bad habit.

4. How can you cure the consequences of your behavior? cards are wise and they know what you need, you drunkard!


Faust and the hangover – the instant-regret

For the blog’s sake, I decided to sacrifice myself and to test this spread… I woke up with my hair 12 inches shorter. Man.

Here’s my reading:


1. What the hell did I do last night?
6 of Swords reversed: you were on the right track, then you made a U-turn. (see? telling-off)

2. Am I going to regret something?
The Strenght reversed. I lost control… and my mane too.

3. Was it worth it in some way?
3 of Pentacles reversed. Nope.

4. How do I recover from this hangover?
Ace of Cups. Drink a lot of water, honey.


How was your hangover?

So, what remedies has your deck suggested you? what crazy stories has it helped you remember? Let us know in the comments!

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