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The Pride Tarot spread

The Pride Week is here and you haven’t done your homework yet, have you?
You feel you have to be proud of something, but you don’t know exactly what. It’s time to interrogate the tarot cards to discover the most intimate sides of your identity and know the colors of your flag!
Where to start?

Choose your favorite deck and ask:


1. What is my gender identity?
How do you perceive yourself beyond your biological body? Keep in mind that not only are male and female polarities, so don’t be surprised if the deck offers you ambiguous answers!

2. What is my gender expression?
This card represents your way of expressing your identity beyond the gender and gender identity. In short, how do you manifest yourself?

3. What is my sexual orientation?
Don’t underestimate this seemingly obvious question, even the proudest of us may have forgotten a part of ourselves in the closet! Read this paper carefully to shed light on what attracts you.

4. What is my romantic orientation?
Who do you tend to fall in love with, if that happens in you? Exactly, because even this is not obvious. Be patient and interpret the symbols, you may discover something new about yourself.

Morgan’s queerness

I asked my After Tarot deck about our Morgan and here’s what I found out:

What is Morgan’s gender identity?
The Priestessreversed
Morgan is a female cisgender, but with a tendency to overturn role identity.

– What is her gender expression?
9 of Pentacles
Morgan feels she’s a woman and she likes to prove it: she is inclined bring the elegance of femininit out.

– What is her sexual orientation?
The World reversed
She’s omnisexual, but there are some blocks that impede her from exploring it.

– What is my romantic orientation?
Ace of pentacles reversed
She has an emotional block in this too. There’s something she has to move forward to. After that, she would love in absolute freedom.


Be yourself!

So, have you find out something new about yourself? let’s talk about it in the comments or share it on Instagram !

Have an great Pride day!

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